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The Australian Prime Minister libels David Irving


The Australian prime minister John Howard stated in a Melbourne radio broadcast that David Irving's "criminal record" in the UK was one of the reasons for denying him a visa. (David Irving has no such record). The Australian Associated Press provided to Mr Irving this text of their despatch on the radio interview of November 8, 1996.

November 8, 1996


MELBOURNE, Nov 8 Australian Associated Press. Allowing controversial historian David Irving into Australia would have required giving him preferential treatment, Prime Minister John Howard said today.

Mr Howard told ABC Radio that people with Irving's record of offences were being routinely rejected for entry to Australia "all the time".

"So to let Irving in in these circumstances would have required to give him preferential treatment ó we would have been required to discriminate in favour of him."

Mr Howard said Mr Irving was a "crackpot historian", but that did not alter the fact that he had been convicted in the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada "and two of the offences, as I understand it, related to passport, immigration and visa issues.

"That record, if it had been, dare I say it, John Howard, Doug Alton (to whom he was speaking) or anyone of your listeners, it would never have even got to the minister ó people with that background are being routinely rejected by the department all the time."

Mr Howard said Gerry Adams was the head of Sinn Fein, "the political mouthpiece of a terrorist organisation".

"I would have thought that that was an open and shut case which, once again, has precious little to do with free speech," he said.

"The movement of people in and out of Australia is not so much a question of free speech but of whether the government of the country has the right to decide at all times who can come here in for temporary purposes."


AP 4 D 11-09-96 1721GMT


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