David Irving's Fight against Australian Suppression of Free Speech
Documents prised by legal action from the files of Australia's prime minister and his staff

Fax message from Australia's Legal Counsel (Europe) to Australian Government

Brussels, April 21, 1994

David Irving

David Irving after challenging prime minister John Howard in London on October 23, 1997.

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Legal Counsel (Europe)

TO Mr Leonard Leerdam
       Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

        Confidential and Urgent

FAX. 0061 / 6-264 48 57

FROM Frank Schoneveld
Legal Counsel (Europe), Brussels

TEL.   +32 2 230 21 88 FAX. +32 2 230 17 63

DATE 21 April 1994              Page(s) including this page: 2

Dear Mr Leerdam,


In response to your fax of 20 April 1994, please find attached the reply of German counsel. Yours sincerely,

Yours sincerely,

(signed by p.p. Astrid Mercier-Picco)

Frank Schoneveld
Legal Counsel (Europe)


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