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Preparing an Affidavit to be submitted by his West Australian lawyer Ed Wall, David Irving submitted this Preamble, since his character was to be called into question


London, January 20, 1994




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My father, between the wars

1. Personal character. You might mention (on "character") that I am teetotal, non smoking, don't do drugs, and have no other vices; I have no criminal record, a clean driving licence. I have never been on the dole or drawn unemployment benefit.

I have been a professional historian since 1962, earning a position of respect (as witness the statements by John Keegan [Writing in The Daily Telegraph their noted defence correspondent John Keegan, reviewing two other books, began his review: "Two books in English stand out from the vast literature of the Second World War: Chester Wilmot's The Struggle for Europe, published in 1952, and David Irving's Hitler's War, which appeared three years ago."], by Trevor Roper, Professor A J P Taylor) for my deep research and fearless and incorruptible expression of opinions; trusted to work in the archives of the world, including collections that were not open to general public research, like Lord Cherwell's private papers in 1963, closed Cabinet Office records in London including Rommel's papers in the 1960s (as a mark of gratitude for the manner in which, at their request, I kept secret certain wartime data I had stumbled across), in the CIA and the Hungarian communist records in Budapest in the 1970s; the former CIA director William Casey was a personal friend and an admirer of my work, at whose personal invitation I visited him at CIA headquarters at Langley. My book Churchill's War -- which was number one best-seller when first published in Australia in 1987 -- was donated last year by the German chancellor Helmuth Kohl to his friends as a Christmas present.

2. Background to the present troubles. In 1991 I founded the International Campaign for Real History. By Real History (a phrase of my own invention) I mean history written purely on the basis of primary sources like archival materials, and eschewing all political bias and considerations of "political correctness". The notion of Real History attracted much attention, there were reader's letters in The Times and to me, asking how to "join." Simultaneously, my opponents (the Jewish Lobby) began a global campaign to silence me. Since 1962 they have


been spearheaded by a British organisation of burglars and criminals called Searchlight. The director of this organisation Gerald Gable (a Jew) has pursued a thirty year vendetta against me because, thanks to me, he has a criminal record (I caught him and two Jewish pals red handed when they were burglarizing my flat in 1963.) See incidentally the two page handout about Searchlight which I received yesterday from a (Jewish) friend, a professor at Montreal university [the late Professor Klaus Herrmann]. Eye-opening for its admission that they deliberately sabotaged my tours overseas. Most of the Australian government's data (their 17pp letter) originates from Searchlight.

My opponents refuse to debate -- that is the weakness of their position. They resort instead to paid influence, to bribery, to blackmail, to hidden pressure, to intimidation, and to economic warfare. Pressure on publishers and newspapers. Pressure on booksellers. Pressure on TV stations. Pressure on governments. Pressure even on prosecutors and lawyers. (My German defence lawyer dropped out on the morning of the Jan 13, 1993 hearing in Munich, explaining in a letter that he was coming under so much pressure from the Bar Society that to continue to defend me would result in his disbarring.) (Doug Christie came under similar pressure in Ontario after the Imre Finta case).

3. Importance of stating that the Niagara Falls hearing [November 1 - 13, 1992] whose closing Findings the letter [from the Australian Government] quotes at such length was not a court hearing, and the adjudicator was not a judge. The hearing was by an immigration board, presided over by a former immigration (i.e. passport control) officer with no legal training, called the adjudicator. When Doug Christie, my lawyer, asked if the Canadian Charter of Human rights, which guarantees freedom of speech, obtained in that hearing room as in normal courtrooms, the adjudicator confirmed that it did not: nor were the normal rules of evidence and court procedure allowed or followed. It was, if you'll pardon the expression, a kangaroo court; but when I tried to have its decision reviewed in the normal District Court, Judge Rothstein refused the application.

4. The maltreatment of me [by the Canadian authorities] has led to uproar around the world. The Canadian national newspaper Globe & Mail described my arrest and handcuffing as scandalous ("what were the police frightened of, that Mr Irving might type something?"). The Canadian Writers' Union issued a press release condemning my arrest, and their journal printed the following piece: [For text, see The Broken Shell in Documents on the Canadian Expulsion].

I have received in the last two years general letters of support from people like Dr Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who has himself bought copies of my books in the past.


David Irving

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