David Irving's Fight against Australian Suppression of Free Speech
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David Irving v Jeremy Jones 

January 27, 1997

David Irving

David Irving after challenging prime minister John Howard in London on October 23, 1997.

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Jewish Telegraph Agency

Jewish Telegraph Agency, New York, January 21, 1997

Holocaust denier from Britain pursuing case against premier

By Jeremy Jones

SYDNEY, Australia, Jan. 21 (JTA) -- David Irving, a Holocaust denier from Britain, has said he is taking legal action against Australian Prime Minister John Howard as part of his longtime struggle against the nation's authorities.

Irving said the premier had not apologized for the immigration minister's comments about his criminal record, Australian media reported.

The immigration minister, Philip Ruddock, had said that in November, Irving had been refused a visa to enter Australia for the third time in four years.

However, Irving is not appealing the November decision to refuse him entry, and he owes Australian courts tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

In 1993, Irving launched a number of legal actions on defamation grounds against journalists and publications that opposed his 1992 visa application. None of his efforts was successful.

Irving, the author of several books that deny that the Holocaust took place[1], has spoken at rallies and meetings of Holocaust deniers and other extreme right-wing groups in Europe and the Americas.

He has said his enemies around the world had spread misinformation to keep him out of Australia.

He also has claimed that only 1 million Jews were killed in World War II and that Holocaust survivors were all victims of faulty memory.

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Website note: This article is typical of the lies spread by Mr Jones and the JTA (who also marketed the grotesque claims that Mr Irving was scheduled to speak on a Stockholm platform with Louis Farrakhan, and Hizbollah and Hamas terrorist leaders in November 1992, and provided the trigger mechanism for the Oklahoma City bomb in 1995. his libel action against Jones and other Australian liars was settled out of court. He has never written a book on the Holocaust.

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