Documents on the Australian Ban

David Irving to his Australian lawyer Ed Wall

after scrutinising secret documents prised out of Australian Government files under a Court Order

June 25, 1994

David Irving after challenging prime minister John Howard in London on October 23, 1997.


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David Irving, Fax letter to his Australian lawyer Ed Wall


June 25, 1994

Dear Ed,

I HAVE only now found time -- with the completion of my Goebbels manuscript, which went off to the publishers last week, thank God -- to digest that inch-thick Affidavit by A H Northam.

It is water under the bridge, but since it also represents what the Govt. was told against me, here are a few comments.

Firstly, the scattered documents -- what a pity we could not proceed to Discovery to see the other letters, replies, etc! -- show the world Jewish community frantically putting pressure on embassies around the world to stop me lecturing by whatever means, including arrest and deportation.

The principal quotations ("neo-Nazis", "Nazis", "extremists", etc) are from Jewish newspapers or from Searchlight, the London Jewish-financed smear-sheet edited by Gerald Gable who has me to thank for his criminal record (1963) as a burglar and thief.

Small point: true, on Jewish insistence I was expelled from Austria in June 1984; but the Austrian courts found that the expulsion was wrongful and awarded damages.

I have now written to the Austrian ambassador demanding to know about the so-called "Interpol arrest warrant": enforce it or tear it up!

The affidavit mentions many people completely unknown to me; or uses those people's actions and speeches to blacken me. The speech transcript they have (September 1992, many faults in transcription) was from a tape I voluntarily provided to the London Jewish Chronicle; they made a full transcript.

I have no objections -- its content was witty and wholly legal.

Interesting side-line: the Australian Jews evidently use Media Monitors of Victoria to watch for every newspaper and broadcast reference to me.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving

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