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Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) February 1, 2000

Holocaust denier to try another visit to Australia

The World Today - Tuesday, February 1, 2000 12:38

COMPERE: The holocaust denier, historian, David Irving, is lining up for another attempt to enter Australia even though he's currently banned.

On four previous visa applications, he's been knocked back but now Mr Irving says he has legal advice that it will be fifth time lucky because he says he's coming to Australia to visit his daughter who has become a naturalised Australian citizen.

Excerpt: DAVID PRINCE: I don't think it's as clear cut as what it was last time. You see he applied for the visitor visa, sorry the business visa in about 1993 which is fairly approximate in time to his previous convictions - the Canadian, the deportation from Canada especially. I don't think the criminal conduct will be seen quite as serious because it's now, what, six years since that occasion.

I think he will still encounter significant difficulties in getting his visa. However, I do think his case is probably stronger than what it was in 1993. But it's certainly not accurate to say that the Minister for Immigration [Philip Ruddock] has no power to refuse him. That is clearly wrong.

Wait a cotton-pickin' minute. . .

. . . David Irving has never written a book or article about the "Holocaust", a subject which he personally -- like millions of others -- finds to be deeply boring.

Write to the Minister. You will NOT assist Mr Irving if you use intemperate language. You can fax to the Minister at (+61 2) 6273 4144

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