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There have been hundreds of horrific stories from the gas chambers of Auschwitz and other Nazi camps.



A foretaste from David Irving's published anthology of CSDIC transcripts.

THE microphones of the Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centres (CSDIC) picked up few references to Auschwitz, the slave labour camp attached to I.G. Farben's new synthetic rubber plant at Monowitz. Regrettably, the top Auschwitz officers held by the British like the commandant, Rudolf Höss, or his erstwhile deputy Hans Aumeier*, were not subjected to C.S.D.I.C.'s sophisticated interrogation techniques, but to the cruder, leather-boot methods of Lieutenant-Colonel A.P. Scotland, whose "interrogators" stood over them with their fists as they wrote and rewrote their confessions until the wording was just right.

Occasionally a prisoner did arrive at C.S.D.I.C. who had probably been at Auschwitz, like Obergefreiter Till of the St/Nachr.Abt.708, captured at Trun on Aug 19, 1944. Perhaps Till's story -- related in good English to British officers on Sep 24, 1944 - - was true; or perhaps he had imbibed too much foreign propaganda.

More likely his narrative was a mixture of fact and perverse fantasy. Prisoner-of-war Till claimed to have been on guard duty at the Auschwitz railroad station in Jul 1943, as arrivals from Greece were unloaded.

"PW thinks," comments the report, "the woman [concerned] was a Greek Jewess."

* For Aumeier's confessions See PRO: WO.208/4661


TILL: The S.S. man kicked the Jewish woman, who was highly pregnant. He kicked her right into her stomach and knocked her down, and the child came almost out. He took hold of it and pulled it out, just threw it down on the ground, but he told the woman to get up and he put that child on the truck which was standing there to take away the dead people to be burned.

BRITISH OFFICER: The child was dead, of course?

TILL: Yes -- and the woman could not get up any more. She was hardly dressed any more and he grabbed her by her breast, he wanted to pull her up and just ripped the skin and everything out of her breasts. There was a captain there, from the Army-- I think his name was Captain Klug [German: wise] -- he went after the S.S. guy; he took him by the shoulder, turned him round and said: ". . Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You are the son of a mother, too!" . . . The S.S. man just turned round with his machine-pistol, put searchlights [sights?] on Klug right away and he had to lift his hands and run about 200 yards away and [Klug was told] if he would say another word they would shoot him right away. *

* SR Draft W.G.3422 (PRO: WO.208/4203).

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