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There have been hundreds of horrific Stories from the Holocaust. Here is one that reiterates the legendary story of Nazi officers lining up multiple female victims and shooting them with one bullet through the line of heads.

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Highlights of the Holocaust -- [An improbable eye-witness account, of which usually only the less improbable bits are quoted by the conformist historians.]

Edge of Abyss


From On the Edge of the Abyss, by Ella Liebermann-Shiber, published by Ghetto Fighters' House, Beit Lohami Haghetaot, with grants from the Mendel B Mitchell Fund of Winnipeg, Canada and others.


I have tried to express through my drawings all that I felt and saw in my youth, all that made my world dark, so that my work will bear witness to those terrible things. It is a meagre attempt, for I do not believe it possible to convey the horrors we suffered either through drawings or any other form of expression.

I began to draw, to sketch whatever was released from with me, grey lines on faded paper.

I reconstructed each picture shortly after I was liberated. With trembling hands I began to reconstruct the hell from which, by a miracle, my mother and I had emerged. I felt that every drawing that disclosed the horrors I had endured in some way eased my mind. My faith in mankind and the world of today gradually returned, despite the cruelties my people and I had so recently suffered.

[On the facing page is a text in Hebrew, presumably the original version of the above.]


[Page] 97

[Facing page, a Hebrew text and - presumably - its translation:]

To get rid of the evidence and the witnesses, one commander invented an efficient method of liquidating five heads with one bullet.


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