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Controversy: Are or were there ever holes in the roof of the Leichenkeller (Morgue) No. 1 at Krema (crematiorium) II at Auschwitz -- the holes through which SS officers allegedly poured in the Zyklon B crystals?

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We state elsewhere on this website "Harry Mazal, OBE, tells H Net, Oct 2000, that he is off to Auschwitz to search for those holes again" upon which Mr. Schaffer commented.

Nizkor front-man Mr. Mazal has posted an image of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Ruins of the so-called gas chamber Crematorium No. II, showing where he thinks the location of the four Zyklon-B introduction holes are, at

The image is in jpg. format, but Mr Mazal appears to have insufficient knowledge of compressing and optimising files for the Internet. The image is consequently rather a large file (nearly 1 MB).

We invite visitors to our website to comment on this image. Observe that (rather violating the spirit of the Internet) Mazal's image is copyrighted, and can't be "... copied, downloaded or printed in any manner without the express written consent of the copyright holder [i.e. Mr. Mazal]". We invite visitors also to dig out a photo of Mr Mazal, which we will post free for our visitors.

beeWebsite Good-Taste note:

Mr. Mazal has posted a folder on his own website entitled "David Irving and Fellow Travellers" ; the URL gives a fair indication of the bees in Mr Mazal's bonnet:


See David Irving closing speech, page 31.

krema II, Leichenkeller 1, underside of rood

Our own website photo of Krema II, Leichenkeller 1, underside of roof

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