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Professor Gerald Fleming


In the David Frost British television programme on June 9, 1977, when Hitler's War was published, David Irving was pitted against Professor Gerald Fleming of the University of Surrey, England, a specialist in the history of the mass liquidation of Europe's Jews.




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OVER the intervening twenty years, they have exchanged many documents as between colleagues. In 1985 Irving drew Fleming's attention to the extraordinary CSDIC Walter Bruns interrogations. Later, he told him of the Kurt Aumeier dossier. Himmler at AuschwitzIt proved a one-way traffic however. When Mr Irving asked to borrow the photo of Himmler (right) visiting Auschwitz, Fleming declined.

Provoked by Mr Irving's offer of a £1,000 reward, after seven years' research Fleming in ... published a book, Hitler and the Final Solution, seeking to prove Hitler's direct responsibility. Professor Gordon Craig, reviewing it in the USA, concluded that Fleming had failed; Tom Bower, the noted British investigative journalist, agreed with that assessment in his own published review.

In 1993 the legally enforced disclosure of secret Canadian, Australian, and other government files unexpectedly revealed that Fleming was acting as an agent of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, even secretly urging punitive measures against the British historian including his arrest and imprisonment by foreign powers.

In 1997 Fleming confirmed that he was born Gerhard Flehinger, in Mannheim, Germany, emigrating to the U.K. in 1938.


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