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Documents on the deputy commandant of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz,

Auschwitz gate

Hans Aumeier


from the Public Record Office, London and other sources


In 1946 the Foreign office was asked by the Bavarian justice ministry what had happened to Aumeier — had he been handed over to the Poles? Despite inquiries, they could find no files relating to him at all (PRO file FO.371/104156)

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trial photoHans Aumeier on trial in Krakau, Poland (centre of photo)

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pdfAnswers by Hans Aumeier, Oslo, Jun 29, 1945 (in German, 2.1MB pdf file); pages 1-11 handwritten, pp. 12-14 typed and signed by Aumeier (“Im Juli 1930 bin ich…”) [transcribed below].

pdfHandwritten answers, 17 pages, by Hans Aumeier, [Oslo, June or July? 1945] (in German, 2.4MB pdf file) (“Unter Führung des Lagerkommandanten waren die einzelnen…”) [transcribed below].

pdfHandwritten answers by Hans Aumeier, Oslo, Jul 25, 1945 (in German, 1.9MB pdf file: “Nach bestem Wissen…”) [transcribed below].

pdfHandwritten answers by Hans Aumeier, Oslo, 1945 (in German, 8MB pdf file) (“Persönliche Angaben. Am 20.8.1906 bin ich…”)


pdfHans Aumeier typescript: “Bericht über den Aufbau der Konzentrationslager”, Oslo, Oct 8, 1945 (in German, 1.1MB pdf file: “Im Jahre 1933 wurden…”)

pdfHerbert Noot (Ltr, Abt.III, BdS Norwegen): “Errichtung eines KZ in Mhysen,” Jan 8, 1946 (336K, in German, 3 pages, pdf)

[Aumeier was brought from Norway to London in Jan 1946 and held in PW Camp 17 Sheffield for two months before being sent to BAOR on Apr 9, 1946.]

pdfTwo short letters by Hans Aumeier on P/W stationery, to Jouko Itälä (Helsinki) and Klaus Ous (Red Cross, Mhysen), London, Jan 27, 1946. (164K, in German, 4 pages, pdf) Note that the letters were retained by Lt Col Scotland, and not forwarded.





Reader Glenn Yagos comments:From the rough translation I got from Altavista it seems that Aumeier was talking about gassings at Auschwitz. Is this correct?

Mr Irving replies:

I have to be cautious in my reply, until I have finished posting this Aumeier material. I am unhappy about this material for several reasons. It is very similar to the Höss material. But in both cases we are confronted with the obstacle: if all this was going on, why is there no hint of it in the secret cipher messages being sent by Höss and Liebehenschel from Auschwitz to Berlin, which we British intercepted? There are hundreds of them, and I have read them.
On the one hand, actual cipher messages: hard evidence; on the other, confessions obtained by duress, soft evidence which no British court would accept. But historians apply different criteria sometimes. As said, a difficult conundrum.–David Irving


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