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March 2003

David Irving Speaks in Arlington and LSN Readers Are There


Arlington, Virginia -- Tonight I met one of the most demonized historians in recent history, only because of the subject matter he has researched and written about for over 40 years. He spoke about his new book, the second edition of "Churchill's War", along with other books he has written.

Mr. Irving first spoke about how he likes to drive through America, using our cheap gasoline (European prices, he states is over $7.00 a gallon) His comments on how many Americans like to live in fear (like a 90 mile range bomb "somehow reaching American shores" from Iraq) then David got down to business.

Mr. Irving spoke about his new book. How he gets his research, by going to actual people( some who have recently passed, like some of Hitler's secretaries) His adjutant, who burned Hitler's corpse, as well as gleaning over original documents, such as diaries, documents, and rare photographs. One book, which I bought was a translation of Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel's memoirs which he wrote before he was executed in the Kangaroo Court called the Nuremberg Trials. The interesting thing was that Mr. Irving was the first person to translate such a document by going through the first German edition where Politically incorrect paragraphs were edited by the German publishers, Mr. Irving went to Keitel's relatives to use the original manuscript for the more complete version, which I bought.

One thing I learned tonight was that Mr. Irving learned German from working as a Steel worker in Germany. Unlike most historians, Mr. Irving doesn't go through those stale history books and 'cut-n-paste'.

His talk on Winston Churchill was interesting. He states that Churchill was a heavy drinker of hard alcohol, and tried to persuade the then Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King to open a liquor distillery, so the British Officers may have booze for their Mess halls. The Canadian, with a mixture of Christian Convictions and Occultist superstitions (on the hands of the clock dial, it the hands meet, this meant something bad would happen if he made a decision)

Churchill handed the Canadian the document for him to sign so the distillery (which were used to produce war material) can be opened again. When the Canadian looked at the clock, he tore the paper to shreds in front of Winston Churchill...

Other things about Churchill was that he planned to use Anthrax bombs on the German population. There are two islands in Scotland where the bombs were tested and to this day, they are 'off limits' due to the environmental devastation these bombs have unleashed. Just imagine how the Continent of Europe would be if Churchill had his way with these WMD!!

Mr. Irving also discussed espionage and how the American Secret Service was actually a creation of the British Empire. The Germans, however were good at counter-espionage. Even in the prison camps, the Allies used hidden microphones to listen to the German prisoners speak and got one guy convicted, because he stated something about a mass execution of Jews by machine-gun. The description of a Jewess in a flaming red dress, before she fell. (My comment: Of course these Jewish prisoners were either Communists, Criminals, or Sacrificial Lambs of the Zionists)

Adolf Hitler used secretaries not for them to take dictation, but for conversation. Sometimes, Hitler was disturbed and wanted to talk to someone about things so, he hired female secretaries. One instance was during the Night of the Long Knives, where Hitler personally arrested Ernest Röhm, and the SA opposition was executed, Hitler's Secretary flew to Munich to where he was and they flew back to Berlin (I may have this wrong) Hitler was totally exhausted, and then he took a shower. Hitler was quoted by the secretary saying "I took a shower, and now feel like a new born babe".

It is details like this that Mr. Irving says that's important in learning about history and historical figures.

There was more, but I don't quite remember much, except that many of the German people who welcomed Mr. Irving to use their personal papers and photos first read his first book, detailing the bombing of Dresden (his first book, 1961) He was known as the Englishman who wrote about the Dresden bombing.

There was an Englishman [J D Chamier] who wrote a Biography on Kaiser Wilhelm II, Hitler read this book, and so did one of his many Doctors. Hitler stated that "An Englishman will do a Biography on me one day, but he will be of the next generation", this is because of the devastating war and how Hitler realized that the propaganda of the day has totally demonized him. David Irving, happens to be Hitler's unbiased biographer.

It was an interesting evening, I learned a lot about how our government worked back in the 1940s, and maybe more on how it is working now. I maybe counted 30-35 people in the room (including myself) and the snow was steadily falling!!!

After the lecture, I helped several people get their cars out of the slick road -- one guy drove a mustang which was a challenge for him to maneuver (maybe because of his tires) but he got home safely. It was also good to help others in foul weather like tonight's snow storm.

click to helpI hope that people will read David Irving's new books, "Hitler's War" and "Churchill's War". These books have info that the PC goons don't want you to know, and Mr. Irving has done tireless research which upsets the 'establishment' idiots, and their pliant followers.


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