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December 2004

Jews and anti-Semitism


Bush war against Iraq


Lipstadt Trial and Auschwitz

Free Speech

World War II History


Hidden eye AR-Dossier: casebook on the origins of modern antisemitism

John Miller asks if the published diaries of General Gerhard Engel, Hitler's army adjutant are genuine, and gets a full reply
Paul J.M. Sweet shares our views on Prof Richard 'Skunky' Evans
Arturo Ramirez has words of praise for Mr Irving's analysis of the feud between Eisenhower and Montgomery
Korham Gulgun inquires about stories on a Peter Stahl website that Mr Irving fakes documents
Serge Romanov is unimpressed by the much vaunted Yad Vashem website database on Holocaust survivor statistics
William B disagrees with Mr Irving on America's recent military adventures: Nobody profits from a badly run war

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