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October 2004

Jews and anti-Semitism


Bush war against Iraq


Lipstadt Trial and Auschwitz

Free Speech

World War II History


Hidden eye AR-Dossier: casebook on the origins of modern antisemitism

Aubrey Soper argues that Iraqi farmers and peasants are fair game for US Apache helicopter gunships | and he insists he is right
Olère again: Philip Matthews remarks on the national origins of Auschwitz guards, and of George Stein too | Joseph Burgard, with expert knowledge of SS collars and cuffs, dismisses the artwork as pure fantasy
Barry Smith has further comment on Mr Irving's motives in offering to settle the Lipstadt action out of court | Brian Hillman thinks the two offers were spurious
Richard Santana believes that Mr Irving wanted to make a killing from the trial
George Vel asks questions about David Olère's alleged 'eye-witness' sketches of Auschwitz | but David Hebden suggests that Olère really was at Auschwitz | Oskar Feder offers three more of 'Auschwitz survivor' Olère's pictures of life at the camp | Frank Lowe fills in the details on the "SS doctor" sketch | RLM comments on more Olère errors
Critique of Auschwitz photo of two women leading a troop of kids 'to the gas chambers'
Richard G Herman wants to know where US official report on 9/11 gave facts on al-Qaida's anti-Israel prime motivation, as he 'can't find'
Critique of Auschwitz photo of two women leading a troop of kids 'to the gas chambers'
Stewart Donovan expresses uncontrolled glee at what he sees as Mr Irving's misfortunes
Mike Kilroy also has comments on Albert Camus and the Lipstadt trial
Richard Santana and Tainui Stephens urge that Mr Irving should not be allowed to visit New Zealand
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