Action Report

The New York Jewish weekly Forward of October 15, 1999 publishes another story (page 1), summarised below, about a recent bizarre development in the "Wilkomirski" saga.

Fresh puzzle over Wilkomirski



[A woman who called herself Laura Grabowski claimed that at Auschwitz she suffered torments with [Benjamin] Wilkomirski. She was offered by Wilkomirski as confirmation of his claims.

[Now the Christian magazine Cornerstone says Grabowski is none other than the "Lauren Stratford" who has published books (still in print) claiming experience of satanic ritual abuse, unrelated to the "Holocaust".

[In fact she is really Laurel Rose Willson, born 18 August 1941 in Washington state. The idea is that she basically transposed the earlier claims of satanic ritual abuse to a new milieu.

[There is now concern over how much "survivor" testimony is phony: "If this is not serious, then nothing is," said Daniel Ganzfried, who published an expose of Wilkomirski last year.]


-- Source: arb