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An Intriguing Reader's Letter in the Newark Star Ledger, Newark, USA

April 12, 1999

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What is Going on with the KLA?

Dear Editor,

The story about the Kosovo Liberation Army with the accompanying photo is very interesting indeed.

Here we have "Americans" donning a uniform of an Albanian organization, replete with non-USA insignia, not in any way affiliated with Nato, going to Albania to fight Yugoslavia.

Am I to believe that these people first renounced their citizenship? If not, is the State Department doing anything to revoke their citizenship?

They are obviously taking an oath, judging from their posture. What is the text of this oath? It was conveniently overlooked by your reporter.

If this is somehow legal, am I then, as an Irish American, free to assemble a bunch of my fellow Irish Americans in Yonkers, pass out uniforms, insignia etc., and take an oath vowing to drive the British out of Ulster? Or, God forbid, join a PLO muster in Yonkers, and vow to drive the Jews out of Palestine?

This morning, I posed these questions to a State Department spokesman, Mr. Doug Ebner in Washington and he had no answers. I also asked Rep. C. Smith's office about this, and am still waiting for an answer.

Edward J. Toner Jr.
Lieutenant-Commander USN (Ret.)

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