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 Posted Sunday, April 25, 1999

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American-Built Super-Computer "Bugs Every Phone Conversation in Australia"

SYDNEY-- Radio 2GB stated last night that the super-secret, high security building in Herbert Street in the Sydney city suburb of St Leonards houses the largest computer in Australia, a computer many times larger than the combined computers of TELECOM and ATO, the Australian Tax Office; it appears the Herbert St computers are used to tape EVERY telephone conversation that occurs in Australia.

For many years this building, installed by the Americans, with its extremely high security, including guards with automatic weapons and listening devices covering the outside street in all directions for 100 meters, has been the subject of much speculation by journalists.

Its real purpose was revealed on Radio 2GB on April 16 [1999] by a man who helped install the computer equipment.

Why they are taping and digitising every telephone in Australia, and what they intend to do with the information gained, were facts not known by the caller.

It was suggested that Telecom may even be able to use the telephones in our homes as 'listening devices'.

EVERY phone call made is being recorded and it is NOT in the people's best interests. The above report is from our special correspondent in Sydney.

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