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Posted Sunday, January 17, 1999

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Traditional Enemies of Free Speech use Nazi Tactics against Jailed Owner's Bookstore

Sunday, January 17, 1999

A news release issued today by Surcheque Internacional states:

"Last month we informed you of the trial of Pedro Varela and his Librería Europa, and the sentence that condemned him to five years imprisonment for racial hatred and holocaust denial. This sentence is under appeal and we are waiting for the higher court decision.

"Today we inform you that Librería Europa has been set on fire. Yesterday, January 16th, there was a demonstration against this bookstore organized by several Marxist, Jewish, and other democratic groups. The police asked us to keep the bookstore closed to avoid violence, and we complied with this request.

"But the crusaders of freedom destroyed the entrance, smashed their way in, shattered the shop windows and burned thousands of books. The police did nothing. This is the first and incomplete bit of news that we can give for the moment. We'll keep you informed.

"Help us to fight for liberty!"

Our opinion
WE ASK our readers to give this news story maximum distribution. Send messages of support to Libreria Europa to forward to Pedro Varela. (They read English.)

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