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Posted Friday, December 11, 1998

The New Trend Down Under (and everywhere else soon?)


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, December 3: -- A Jewish father today took court action against the New South Wales Public School system to try to stop a visit by Santa Claus to the public school where his young daughter is enrolled. He also wanted all Christmas carols and a student Nativity play prohibited. Santa was supposed to visit the school and distribute lollipops to the children.

The father said: "I do not want my daughter forcibly exposed to the Gentile religion"

The public school system in NSW is non-secular but most students are of the Christian faith. The court dismissed the action and suggested the man seek "conciliation".-pvs

Animal Farm note:

Some are more equal The New South Wales Anti-discrimination Board has allowed a "Jews-Only Dating Service" to operate ... the board did say however, quote: "This would be the only exception."--pvs
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