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Posted Tuesday, December 29, 1998


We name Robert Fisk, once again, the bravest Journalist of the Year

 The Not So Independent

London, December 26, 1998

What were we doing bombing Iraq?

by Robert Fisk

Why was anyone surprised when America and Britain bombed Iraq just before Christmas? ... In the 1930s, the RAF was bombing recalcitrant Iraqis ... we've forgotten one of the most intriguing - and dangerous - revelations of the year: UN senior inspector Scott Ritter's admission that for years he was liaising with the Israeli intelligence service, ...


WE regret that by letter dated Tuesday, December 5, 2000 a Ms. Louise Hayman, the head of legal services at The Independent newspaper, requested that Robert Fisk's articles be removed from this website. We have adjusted the masthead accordingly.

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