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Posted Friday, November 20, 1998


Robert Faurisson and Fred Leuchter, 1988

France, Faurisson and the Fight for Free Speech (continued)
Picture: Professor Robert Faurisson (LEFT) confers with U.S. execution technology consultant Fred Leuchter in Toronto, April 21, 1988

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FAURISSON speaking at David Irving's Conference for Fred Leuchter, Chelsea Town Hall, London, November 15, 1991


FAURISSON ON TRIAL. The French Supreme Court Covers its Tracks


WE REPORTED how France had been fined by the European Court for violation of freedom of speech in the case of journalists writing about Marshal Pétain. On Sept. 23, the European Court ruled:

"It is not appropriate, after forty years, to be as severe with the discussion of events as it was ten or twenty years ago", and: "This is part and parcel of the efforts that every country is called upon to make in discussing openly and serenely about its own history".

Well, now there's more. See next panel.

We shall report.

The Paris weekly L'Express reported on October 15, 1998:

"The [French] Ministry of Justice advised journalists immediately 'not to publicize it (the Court decision) in order to avoid any recovery by the extreme right'."

[Le ministère de la Justice conseillait aussitôt aux journalistes de "ne pas lui (à cette décision) donner de publicité pour éviter toute récupération par l'extrême droite"]

We now have the full text of the European Court decision. The words were correctly quoted by Le Monde but, ahead of them, the judges managed to cover themselves. In short: the European Court held that historians may challenge accepted history about Marshal Pétain because the Pétain topic "is outside the category of the clearly established historical facts -- such as the Holocaust --", the denial or revision of which is not protected by section 10. As long as the defendants do not attempt to deny nor revise the Nazi atrocities and barbarity, that's alright.

["... la Cour estime qu'il ne lui revient pas d'arbitrer cette question, qui relève d'un débat toujours en cours entre historiens sur le déroulement et l'interprétation des événements dont il s'agit. A ce titre, elle échappe à la catégorie des faits historiques clairement établis - tel l'Holocauste - dont la négation ou la révision se verrait soustraite par l'article 17 à la protection de l'article 10. En l'espèce, il n'apparaît pas que les requérants aient voulu nier ou réviser ce qu'ils ont eux-mêmes appelé, dans leur publication, les 'atrocités' et les 'persécutions nazies', ou encore la 'toute-puissance allemande et sa barbarie'."]
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