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Posted Tuesday, September 22, 1998


The Methods of Modern Media men



Junges Forum, April 1991

Viel Geld für ,,Neonazi-Szenen"

Frankfurts Polizeipräsident Karlheinz Gemmer erklärte unter Berufung auf einen Bericht seiner Staatsschützer, daß die Journalistin Ulrike Haller und Herbert Stelz vom Hessischen Rundfunk für ihre Panorama-Sendung vom 29.1.1991 4000 bis 5000 DM für Fernsehaufnahmen von gestellten Neonazi-Szenen gezahlt haben. Damit sollte das während des Golfkriegs »weltpolitisch gehandelte Bild vom häßlichen Deutschen untermauert« werden.

Junges Forum 4/91

Youth Forum, April 1991

Hard Cash for "Neo-Nazi Scenes"

KARLHEINZ GEMMER, police chief of Frankfurt am Main, has announced on the basis of a report from his security officials that journalist Ulrike Holler and Herbert Stelz of the Hesse Broadcasting Corporation paid out between four and five thousand deutschmarks (two to three thousand dollars) for their Panorama broadcast of January 29, 1991, for television footage of actors performing neo-Nazi scenes. These were needed to back up the "Ugly German image" being "peddled around the stage of world politics" during the Gulf War.

Our opinion
WE MAKE no apologies for posting this belated item. It stands for many, highlighting the dishonesty of the news media. David Irving recalls how when he spoke at an open-air right wing meeting at Halle, Germany, in November 1989 the front row mysteriously filled with young men who interrupted with (photogenic, but illegal) "Hitler salutes" and shouted Sieg Heil!

BBC newsman Martin Bell, who was among the scores of foreign newsreel commentators present, later protested about the use of hired actors and agents provocateurs to smear people for the cameras. Mr Irving's protest from the platform at the outdated slogans and salutes from a discredited era were not, of course, included in the television footage which has since been shown on televisions screens around the world. We invite our Website visitors to submit their own examples of further media frauds commissioned by the Traditional Enemies of Free Speech.

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