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Posted Monday, September 7, 1998


Eichmann Page


Certain People are Offended that we have "quoted" this evocative Eichmann portrait to our visitors.


ATTEMPTS ARE being made to prevent this Website from using a Portrait of Adolf Eichmann which is freely visible elsewhere on the Internet. We had honoured this painting with prominent placing (with full accreditation) on the Index page (under construction, see above) to our collection of documents on the hanged SS-Colonel.

We wonder whether there was a logo at the head of the letter "drawing the attention" of John Malyon (below) - a logo which the Anti-Defamation League have also "forbidden" us to use. Until we hear from Malyon's lawyers, we are happy to give our visitors the means to admire the Eichmann painting on this site. [ Click ]

A Mr John Malyon e-mails us on Monday, September 7, 1998:

It has come to my attention that you have taken a reproduction of a painting which we published on our site, and used it for your own purposes.

The painting is a portrait of Adolph Eichmann, at

This picture is copyright, and we do not grant you permission to use it on your site. Please remove it or we will be forced to take further action. . .

Thank you.

John Malyon


We have replied:

Dear Mr Malyon

You state that the painting is copyright.

Please confirm whose copyright?

May I also politely inquire who brought the site to your attention?

It is such a magnificent painting of this evil man, it is a pity to hide it away on somebody else's instructions.


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