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Posted Friday, September 25, 1998

Germany's Verfassungsschutz reports increase in Right Wing acts



Bundesministerium des Innern,
Postfach 17 92 90, 53108 Bonn

2. Straftaten/Gewalttaten

1997 wurden 11.719 (1996: 8.730) Straftaten mit erwiesenem oder zu vermutendem rechtsextremistischem Hintergrund erfaßt, davon 790 Gewalttaten (1996: 624) und 10.929 sonstige Straftaten (1996: 8.106). Zu den rechtsextremistischen Gewalttaten zählen fremdenfeindlich motivierte, antisemitische sowie Gewalttaten gegen den politischen Gegner und sonstige rechtsextremistische Gewalttaten. Damit stieg die Zahl der Straftaten insgesamt um 34 %, die der Gewalttaten um 27 %. Der Anteil der Gewalttaten an der Gesamtzahl der Straftaten beträgt 6,8 % (1996: 7,2 %). Bei 67 % (1996: 65 %) aller Straftaten handelte es sich um Propagandadelikte, z. B. das Verwenden von Kennzeichen verfassungswidriger Organisationen (§ 86a StGB).

Verbreiten von Propagandamitteln und Verwenden von Kennzeichen verfassungswidriger Organisationen:

Propaganda-Delikte 1994: 2083 Propaganda-Delikte 1995: 1601 Propaganda-Delikte 1996: 5.635 Propaganda-Delikte 1997: 7.888

Die Zahlen basieren auf Angaben des Bundeskriminalamts (BKA) (Stand: 04.02.1998).


Bundesministerium des Innern,
Postfach 17 92 90, 53108 Bonn

[...] 2. Crimes / Acts of Violence

DURING 1997 11,719 (1996: 8,730) crimes proven or believed to have a rightwing extremist background were registered of which 790 were acts of violence (1996: 624) and 10,929 other crimes (1996: 8,106). Among the right wing extremist acts of violence are included anti-foreigner and anti-Semitic violence and acts of violence against political opponents and other right wing extremist acts of violence. The number of crimes thus increased by 34 percent and those of acts of vioelcne by twenty-seven percent. The proportion of acts of violence to the overall total of the crimes was 6.8 percent (1996: 7.2 percent). In sixty-seven percent (1996: 65 percent) of all the crimes they were propaganda offences, for example displaying the symbols of anti-constitutional organisations (para. 86a, Criminal Code).

Disseminating propaganda and use of symbols of anti-constitutional organisations:

  • propaganda offences 1994:   2,083;
  • propaganda offences 1995:   1,601;
  • propaganda offences 1996:   5,635;
  • propaganda offences 1997:   7,888.

The figures are based on statistics provided by the Federal Criminal Office (BKA), as of February 4, 1998.

Our opinion
AS THE persecution of national minded Germans has increased, with scores of Germans now imprisoned for their political beliefs or what they have written, in a mockery of the German constitutional guarantees of free speech, Germany's notorious "Office for the Protection of the Constitution," (BfV) has issued the above statistics.

The BfV is the crypto-communist internal security outfit which has persecuted nationalists ever since the creation of the German Federal Republic, under a series of dubious chiefs (like Soviet double-agent Otto John).

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