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Posted Saturday, August 22, 1998


The "Six-Million"-Killed-at-Auschwitz Figure is Creeping Back into Circulation




Süddeutsche Zeitung,
Munich, Auusr 19, 1998, page 6:

Rabbiner: Auschwitz gehört dem jüdischen Volk

Warschau (KNA) - Das Gelände des ehemaligen Konzentrationslagers Auschwitz soll nach Ansicht des polnischen Groß-Rabbiners Menachem Joskowicz "exterritoriales Gebiet" werden und dem jüdischen Volk gehören.

Da sechs Millionen Juden in dem KZ ermordet worden seien, müsse Polen "dieses Stückchen Erde den Opfern übergeben", sagte der Groß-Rabbiner in einem Interview der Zeitung Wprost.



Süddeutsche Zeitung,
Munich, Auusr 19, 1998, page 6:

Rabbi: Auschwitz belongs to the Jewish people

Warsaw (KNA) - The site of the former Auschwitz concentration camp should be declared "extra territorial" in the opinion of the Polish Chief Rabbi Menachem Koskowicz, and it should belong to the Jewish people.

As, he said, six million Jews were murdered in the concentration camp, Poland ought to "hand over this little piece of earth: to the victims, the chief rabbi declared, in an interview with the newspaper Wprost.


Our opinion
WE ARE surprised that this respected German newspaper, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, did not correct the Rabbi's exaggeration. Except that we are not surprised at all, as in Germany anybody correcting the "six million:" figure is automatically guilty, without appeal, of violating the section of modern German criminal law relating to defaming the memory of the dead (under which section David Irving was fined $22,000, or DM30,000, in 1993 for saying, truthfully, that the "gas-chamber" shown to the tourists at Auschwitz is a fake built after the war - a fact which the Poles have now belatedly admitted.

Lest there be any doubt who is faking now, we reproduce (right) the memorial to the "one and a half million" killed at Auschwitz (of whom, see above, six million were Jews). Our advice: Do not buy a used car off Mr Koskowicz.

Auschwitz memorial tablet


Replacing the original mendacious memorial tablet erected by the communist regime to the "four million" killed at Auschwitz is this new stone, which speaks of "about" one and a half million.


Photo: David Irving's Action Report Issue No. 14.

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