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Posted Monday, August 3, 1998

American Poles Protest "Outrageous" Auschwitz Ban on David Irving/BBC television documentary [details of that ban]


Dana I. Alvi - Chairwoman
P. O. Box 3206

Tel & Fax 310 - 829 -1527 Santa Monica, CA. 90408



August 1, 1998

Ms. Krystyna Olesky
Deputy Director
Panstwowe Museum w Oswiecimiu
32 603 Oswiecim

ref: Ldz. 854 - 81/98 9568

Dear Ms. Olesky,

This is written on behalf of the historian, Mr. David Irving.

We are informed that the Museum has refused Mr. Irving access to its archives and to film a documentary by BBC.


This action is curious and outrageous.

We are aware that the Museum has allowed individuals and organizations from various countries to research and to film.

A letter to us stating the rationale for your prejudicial decision against Mr. Irving would be appreciated.

It is hoped, however, that upon reasonable reflection and respect for scholarly inquiry, the ban will be lifted with all professional courtesy to Mr. Irving to facilitate his work.


(signed) Dana I. Alvi

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