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Posted Monday, August 17, 1998


Those Christian Emblems at Auschwitz: An Alternative View

Miami Jews Call for Boycott of Poland. Memories of March 1933. "Our pain is so deep and our outrage is so pronounced."

[Bob Kunst appears to be president of Miami-based 'Shalom International']


Boycott Poland due to desecration and commercialism of Auschwitz Death Camp, world's largest Jewish Cemetery!

Since our statement to the Polish Prime Minister Buzek (August 13), he's now supporting the 'crosses' now numbering over 100 on the very sights [sic] where Jewish children were burned alive and along the 'death wall' for many thousands of Jews.

All done by 'Catholics' camping out at Auschwitz, our 'holyground' and world's larguest [sic] Jewish Cemetery for millions murdered there .

While we want to remember the 100,000 non-Jews also murdered there, and one cross is enough, we also want 19 Jewish Stars representing also 100,000 murdered Jews for each star, which would reflect what happened at Auschwitz-Birkenau.


One of the offending emblems at the Auschwitz camp

But this latest terrorist attack and blatant anti-Semitic attack from Cardinal Glemp, in spite of his false protestations, are designed to inflame more Jew hatred by both a government and Church's failed policies to the people these acts at Auschwitz are a designed diversion besides attack upon the victims of the Holocaust, the survivors, the liberators and the resistors of this totalitarianism.

Now added to this is the additional crass commercialism of fastfood, banking and post-office, pharmacy, etc. to cash-in on the Holocaust and turn Auschwitz into another Disneyland.


So our International Boycott is in motion and to be built upon in this abusive attack upon our 'holyground' and all who suffered there with these dreadful politics and trivializations and revisionisms and attempt to 'Christianize' and "Vaticanize" the Holocaust itself.

Shalom Int'l. has already reached over 500 organizations in 16 countries in building support for our "Boycott" and to have Auschwitz returned to the Jewish people to show proper respect for all the victims of Nazi barbarianism, which today's outrage is an extension of.

We have already written to 38 members of the U.S. Senate; To the Israeli Government; to the Anglican, and Catholic and Christian and Jewish Groups in England; to 100 media contacts. It's only the beginning .

People we've spoken to, Jewish and non-Jewish are appalled with what is happenning at Auschwitz at the hands of the Polish Government and the Catholic Church, who cannot win this very moral issue.  


The more they abuse the situation, the more the grassroots wants to retaliate via 'boycott'.

Our contacts and outreach are already in all 50 U.S. States and all throughout Europe.

Demonstrations are alreay being planned for the Polish Consulate to the U.N. on Sept. 6 in NYC (and we've already written our protest to the U.N.) as well as the London and Paris Polish Embassies on Nov . 8.

We are negotiating for many other countries.

Our pain is so deep and our outrage is so pronounced and we demand 'justice', and the world is listening.

Bob Kunst, President, Shalom Int'l .

Telephone (Miami) 305-864-5110.


Our opinion

IT WAS THE Jewish Boycott of Nazi Germany in March 1933 that led directly to the one-day nationwide Nazi boycott of the Jews and all the ensuing horrors. See David Irving, Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich (Focal Point, London, 1996).

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