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Posted Tuesday, August 25, 1998


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Führer's world-view

Daily News, August 6, 1998


WASHINGTON --Adolf Hitler's globe, seized from the rubble of his bunker in Berlin, is emblazoned with a huge swastika.

Over Russia are inscribed in German the chilling words, "I am coming."

Over North America are the words, "I will be there soon."

A booty of war and emblem of unbridled ambition, the Nazi dictator's desktop globe is the centerpiece of a new and privately organized exhibit, "World War II Through Russian Eyes," opening today for a month-long run in the atrium of the new Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.


The exhibit draws its uniforms, weapons, film, photographs, posters, paintings and other artifacts and documents from the archives of Russia's military.

Most of the items have never been seen in the West, and many -- including Hitler's globe -- are said to have never been displayed anywhere.

From Hitler's bunker: the Nazi dictator's personal standard and flag, uniform jacket, walking stick and war maps.

In a 50-seat theater, films shot by the Soviet signal corps show the devastating 900-day siege of Leningrad, the battle for Berlin and the celebration of the end of the war in Red Square.

Hitler's invasion is estimated to have cost 26 million Soviet lives, both military and civilian. Many Russians believe the nation's wartime torment has never been fully appreciated in the West.  

Our opinion

WE SURE hope that Mr Reagan's office did not fork out too much for that "globe from Hitler's bunker." Hitler's staff confirm to us there never was such an artefact.

Charlie Chaplin had one, famously, in The Great Dictator. Dr Goebbels had one -- but not Hitler. As for the "26 million lives" the Russians are now claiming: Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was himself more modest, claiming less than 5 million losses in July 1945 (click). Welcome to the World of Real History.

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