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Posted Wednesday, August 12, 1998



Doug Collins talks to TV

Doug Collins (right), war hero and veteran Canadian journalist.

We reproduce with permission this article from North Shore News, published in Victoria, British Columbia, on August 9, 1998

Beware of Doug, he bites!

by Doug Collins


DID YOU know that your man Doug is an evangelist, just like Billy Graham? Or that he talks like "a subtler Archie Bunker"? Or that he is an accomplished "brainwasher"?

Those verdicts on my sinister writings were rendered by learned word-dissectors at the human rights hearing in Victoria. Mind you, they made it clear that I am working for the fellow with long ears and a tail.

There was no lack of jokes at what the Victoria Times described as "the hatred hearing". The best perhaps, was that by trying to hang me up by my heels, something that would send Paula Brook to the synagogue singing songs, they have once again put my name across the country and across the world.

Hi there, everybody. It's me. Doug the dog.

The publicity annoyed Tom Bulmer, the legal aid lawyer for Harry Abrams, the Jewish laddie who entered this second complaint against my columns. And I thought they had been used for wrapping up yesterday's fish and chips!



According to Bulmer, the jolly old neo-Nazis have taken up my cause. At first I thought he meant the NDP. But as I have said, Hitler is dead and I'm more afraid of Glen Clark and Ujjal Dosanjh than I am of Adolf.

Bulmer yelped that my columns have "taken on a life of their own. He's being reprinted all over the bloody place."

Good news. But I do wish that some people would stop referring to my "Hollywood Propaganda" column as "infamous."

It's become famous, that's bloody what. Mind you,when I wrote it I didn't think much of it one way or the other. Which goes to show that we politically incorrect miners should never stop digging.

How else could one get word-dissector Barbara Harris of the University of Victoria to say that my kind of stuff is "very effective in TV evangelism and other types of persuasive discourse"? Next thing you know, she'll be giving me a job reference!

The constant Holocaust propaganda coming out of Hollywood is not persuasive discourse, of course.


Harris was backed up by Frances Henry of Toronto. Collins's "Archie Bunker bigotry," she said, had just enough subtlety to make his columns "dangerously palatable." She meant to the great unwashed, who think without her guidance.

According to local press reports (for I walked out on the Inquisition, you may remember) she said I use cunning "linguistic techniques ...that are more dangerous because they're apt to influence more people than just the extreme right."

Good news. And by the way, Frances, who paid for you to come here? The human rights commission? B'nai Brith? Out with it, dear girl, for it sure as hell wasn't Harry Abrams. He ain't the spending sort. He wants $2,000 just for making his complaint.

Miss Henry, who apparently included a chapter about me in a book she wrote (with government subsidies?) went on to state with regret that "many Canadians are calling for a return to old values and the more traditional forms of behavior associated with a society based on Anglo Saxon values, norms and ideals."

Right on, dear girl. So tell us what you want? The values of the old USSR? Iran? Indonesia? Guatemala? Mexico?



Your man had some skirmishes with some of the mainstream media, who panted with political correctness.

The Vancouver Sun sent its leftist lady, Kim Bolan, to cover the great show. She asked me whether I thought there was such a thing as hatred. I told her that was a stupid question.

The next day, she reported that I have "a thick English accent."

Try not to be racist, Bolan.

And so it went. Editorially, the [Victoria, BC] Times-Colonist (often referred to as the Times-Communist) advised its readers "to turn a deaf ear to these ugly words", which should be dismissed "as a feeble bid to stay in a very small spotlight."

Try to get something right, T-C. I didn't switch on the spotlight. It was done by the Canadian Jewish Congress, B'Nai Brith, and Harry Abrams.

What hypocrites you are, T-C. You pay lip service to a free press while siding with Clark, Dosanjh and the rest of that gang.

Remind me not to buy your paper.  

 © 1998. Reprinted with permission from North Shore News

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