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Posted Saturday, July 18, 1998


An American Protests to the German Government about Its Assault on Free Speech

Consul General Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
4645 Reservoir Road NW Washington,
D.C. 20007-1998

Dear Consul General:

I am writing to express my indignation at the German government's persecution of its own citizenry and people of other nations and to protest its mockery of justice. As an American of half German, half Scotch-Irish descent, I look with pride upon my German heritage and that includes the good points of the Third Reich!

The National Socialists, like all belligerents in the war, committed crimes against innocent people. Very few, if any, are disputing that. If we wish to know the nature and extent of the crimes committed and the mercies extended by people on both sides of the horrendous conflict, only clear, sober, objective scholarship undergirded by a spirit of open inquiry and free speech will show us the way. The German government stands accused of hypocritically and sanctimoniously stifling this spirit.

I wish to draw to your attention the plight of the following people, a few among many who are suffering at the hands of not only the German but several other regimes around the world. I write of Günter Deckert, who languishes in prison for the "crime" of interpreting a Fred Leuchter lecture and chairing a meeting addressed by historian David Irving. I write of Udo Walendy, imprisoned in Germany for what according the sentencing judge he "left unsaid." I write of Gary Lauck and Hans Schmidt, both American citizens, persecuted by the German state for things they have written in the US. I write of Anneliese Remer, the widow of General Otto-Ernst Remer, a valiant soldier of the Reich. The General's widow is denied by the German government the pension she is due. [...]

I call on you and your colleagues who still proudly hail your own German culture to lobby the German state for the abolition of laws stifling free speech. Yes, if you open the gates of freedom some people will say false things, some will say foolish things, some will say evil things. Yet that which is false, foolish or evil has a potent enemy: the Truth. If what a man says is true, then what he says corresponds to reality. If false, it has no basis, and truth-seekers will make that plain quickly enough.

The principle of individual rights is not just an American idea. It is or ought to be shared by all peoples of the West. And that includes the people of the land of poets and philosophers. Come, let us reason together. And let my people go.


Michael McMillen

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