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Posted Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Florida Hotel Cancels Irving Meeting Contract

Traditional Enemy Resorts to Familiar Nazi Tactics

TAMPA, Fl.-- Frightened management at the Day's Inn hotel complex at Rocky Point, a popular resort in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area today informed organiser Ralph Raperto that their contract to provide him with a meeting room in mid August will not now be honoured.

Raperto had invited British historian David Irving to address Florida citizens in a function room at the hotel. Asked to state a reason, the embarrassed management revealed only that they had come under pressure from "the community."

They declined to elaborate on which community had brought pressure to bear on them,


or what kind of pressures had been applied.

They have however assured Raperto, a legless Vietnam war veteran and former police officer, that they will not be pressing him for payment of the amounts due under the contract.

Mr Irving, who spoke without incident to a large and friendly audience in north Tampa on Saturday July 25, is due to return to the city on August 15. Raperto has guaranteed that the meeting will proceed elsewhere [for details, phone him at 813 886 6819].

Mr Irving has described this episode as one more example of the methods attempted by the traditional enemies of free speech to silence the voice of Real History.

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