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Posted Thursday, October 11, 2007

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New York, Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Former German Talk Show Host Eva Herman >>

German TV Host Shown Door Again for Hitler Comment

EVA Herman, 48, was a presenter for the flagship "Tagesschau" news programme for 18 years until 2006.

A German television host who was sacked last month for praising Hitler's family values was kicked off a talk show late on Tuesday [October 9, 2007 ] after she refused to apologise and complained of a media witch-hunt against her.

Eva Herman, 48, a guest on German public broadcaster ZDF's "Johannes B. Kerner" talk show, was asked by the host whether she regretted comments in which she lauded family planning policy under the Nazis.

"If we are not allowed to speak about Nazi family values, we also can't talk about highways that were built then and on which we're still driving," she replied.

Three other guests on the show were visibly aghast at the remark and protested. Host Kerner then signalled to Herman that she should leave, prompting her to walk out.

"I had hoped that Mrs Herman would explain her controversial remarks during our talk," Kerner later said in a statement released by ZDF. "But when it became clear that we couldn't make any headway I ended my discussion with her and turned to the other guests."

Herman, a presenter for the flagship "Tagesschau" news programme for 18 years until 2006, had appeared on Kerner's talk show to set the record straight after television station NDR fired her.

NDR took action after Herman, during a presentation of her new book on child-rearing, expressed regret that Nazi family values had been swept away.

Herman has taken legal action in protest at her firing.

Pressed by Kerner, Herman said she had "not made any mistakes," and accused the media of purposely misconstruing her remarks.

Herman could not immediately be reached for comment.

Dam springs more leaks: North German TV station fires Eva Hermann, talk show host, for praising Nazi family policies in Hitler era, especially the esteem in which mothers were held: "That's too much!" scream the muckspreaders and those nice folks next door: NDR fires Eva on the spot, after twenty years [in German] | BBC report | and the International Herald Tribune. AWPOW again - are we powerful or what!

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