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Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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I can only express regret on the part of Foxtel that it slipped through our normal editorial processes.


the Australian

Sydney, Australia, Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Foxtel pulls plug on Hitler doco

by Imre Salusinszky

FOXTEL chief Kim Williams is "acutely embarrassed" his network put to air a documentary about Adolf Hitler written by Holocaust denier David Irving.

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David Irving comments:

AN interesting object lesson in AWPOW -- Are We Powerful or What?
   The two-hour film edition of Hitler's War was produced by a reputable Scots production company, Lamancha Productions Ltd., and has been marketed worldwide by Castle Hill Films. It has been shown scores of times on national television channels, including PBS in the United States and even in Israel.
   Now come these worthy gentlemen in Australia, and we need not even speculate as to what particular species of gentlemen they are: they crook one finger, and the supremely unworthy gentlemen of Australian television come cringing and groveling and gibbering, and they promise never, ever to show that particular film again.
   Nobody has ever suggested that it contains any of the defects mentioned by these objectors. So - what is it that they are objecting to?
   And can the protestors, with their pea-sized brains, encompass the thought that by their worldwide behavior they are perhaps conjuring up and calling down upon themselves and their more innocent fellows, a few years hence, yet another of those atrocities that they call a Holocaust, while they snivel once again: Why Us?

Oxford student Louise clutches a copy of the banned video, Hitler's War, when she meets author David Irving at a militaria show in Kent, July 2007


Notice, incidentally, how the reasons for Austria imprisoning me vary as we go around the world.
  Here in Australia readers are told "Irving served a 10-month prison sentence in Austria last year for associating with neo-Nazi groups" -- elsewhere it is for Holocaust denial.
   Soon it will be for paedophilia, or for accosting men in public lavatories disguised as a US Senator.
In fact: Austria sentenced me to three years jail for Wiederbetätigung, literally reactivation (of the Nazi Party!) under a Stalin-era law passed in 1945, on account of a lecture I had delivered sixteen years earlier, on November 6, 1989.
   The law is also called the Verbotsgesetz, or Banning Law.
   Grotesquely, "democratic" and "Free Speech" Austria still has this law on its statute book and uses it to jail people of whose views it disapproves -- on this particular occasion it was at the written request (November 7, 1989) of a Jewish-Marxist body, the Dokumentationsarchiv des Widerstandes. AWPOW!

The Australian has learnt that an episode of The War Files, broadcast on the History Channel on Saturday, was a condensed version of Irving's book, Hitler's War.

Irving, who is banned from entering Australia, scripted and produced the documentary, which he sells to supporters on DVD for about $50. Mr Williams has pulled the series and ordered an investigation. "My reaction is one of dismay," he said yesterday. "It has been stopped and will not be transmitted again. I can only express regret on the part of Foxtel that it slipped through our normal editorial processes."

The slip-up was first noticed by former Hawke government minister Barry Cohen, who wrote to Mr Williams.

"What struck me, as someone who has had a lifetime interest in this period for highly personal reasons, was that the documentary film was not unduly critical of Hitler, particularly with regard to the mass murder of Jews, Poles, homosexuals and gypsies," he wrote. "In fact, it was barely mentioned. The impression given was that he was a kindly old gentleman who made some unwise military decisions."

Mr Williams replied to Mr Cohen that "there can be no excuse for such an offensive program seeing the light of day" and offered "an immediate and unreserved apology".

Mr Cohen said yesterday Mr Williams had "handled it as well as anyone could possibly do".

Irving served a 10-month prison sentence in Austria last year for associating with neo-Nazi groups. In 2000 he lost a libel action against Penguin Books. The judge said Irving was an active Holocaust denier.

Forget Cohen - this is what the real experts said about my Hitler's War:

"IT was thoroughly researched and employed a variety of themes. . . It also confirmed Irving's reputation as one of the world's most thorough researchers and an exciting and readable historian."

- Board of Deputies of British Jews, 1992, secret report

"NO praise can be too high for Irving's indefatigable scholarly industry. He has sought and found scores of new sources, including many private diaries. Mr Irving's craftsmanship as a writer has improved immensely, and I have enjoyed reading his long work from beginning to end."

- Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper

"THIS ground is traversed with a sense of immediacy and grasp of detail lacking in many of the recent Führer biographies . . . Mr Irving's mastery of the German sources is superb."

- Professor Donald Cameron Watt

"DAVID Irving has ransacked the world's archives; he has discovered eye-witness accounts; he has unearthed diaries and correspondence which were thought to have been destroyed. . . a narrative which is, for all its inevitable complexities, remarkably comprehensible and, surprisingly readable."

- Professor J.E. Molpurgo, The Yorkshire Post

"DAVID Irving knows more than anyone alive about the German side of the Second World War. He discovers archives unknown to official historians ... His greatest achievement is Hitler's War ... indispensable to anyone seeking to understand the war in the round."

- Professor Sir John Keegan, The Daily Telegraph

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