A reader queries: were British prisoners of war ever held at Auschwitz? BBC item: "My Father (now) 87 must be the last British POW held at Auschwitz" | and read this too


Dean Appleton writes Monday, July 9, 2007: "I did catch on I believe the discovery channel or a similar station where there was someone who claimed to be a former British POW at Auschwitz. This person in the film also claimed to have held conversations with British Jews from London whilst interned there."

Jonathon Harkiss writes, Tuesday, July 10, 2007: "The main narrative source on British POWs at Auschwitz is the book The Password Is Courage, which I read a few years ago, and later saw the film version on BBC2. A fair summary is available:"

Bernhard B. relates what his mother told him of her brief stay in the Auschwitz camp, Dec 1944