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Posted Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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June 13, 2007

Shimon PeresIsrael's new President: a war criminal par excellence

From Khalid Amayreh
in the West Bank

To many in the West, Israel's new President Shimon Peres is a respectable statesman and man of peace. However, in truth, Peres is a repulsive racist and war criminal who has tons of innocent blood on his hands.

In 1993, Peres acquired the image of a peacemaker for his role in concluding the Declaration of Principles, better known as the Oslo Accords, with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

The inherently vague agreement, which both the PLO and Israel interpreted differently, even contradictorily, enabled Israel to impose its own interpretation and consequently consolidate its tight control of all aspects of Palestinian life under the deceptive rubric of peace.

And when the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat told his people in the mid 1990s that the Oslo Accord would eventually lead to the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, Peres snidely remarked that "I can't post a guard at Arafat's lips."

Peres, born as Szymon Perski in Vishniova, Belarus [White Russia], in 1923, has a long history of serving the evil Zionist enterprise in Palestine.

In the mid 1950s, he introduced nuclear armament to the Middle East when he reached a secret agreement with the French government whereby France agreed to supply Israel with the Dimona Reactor for the express purpose of developing an arsenal of nuclear bombs and warheads.

The agreement was part of a larger deal whereby Israel also acquired Dassault Mirage warplanes from France, which it later used during its aggression against Arab states in 1967.

Peres, then a protégé of David Ben Gurion and prominent figure in Mapai, a predecessor to the Labor Party, conspired with France and Britain to launch the tripartite (Anglo-French-Israeli) invasion of Egypt in order to topple Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser. This enabled Israel to launch a naked aggression on Egypt and occupy the Sinai Peninsula.

Following the occupation of the West Bank, Peres enthusiastically supported a highly aggressive campaign by Talmudic Jewish settlers, known as Gush Emunim, to grab Palestinian land in order to build Jewish-only colonies.

The purpose of the large-scale land-grab was twofold: First to build a Jewish colony near every Arab village and town so that the messianic settlers would harass the native Palestinians into fleeing their land, and, second, to create irreversible "facts" on the West Bank in order to make it impossible for any future Israeli government to withdraw from occupied territory.

Peres' criminality and cruelty assumed a high-pitched expression in 1969 when he as Prime Minister ordered the Israeli army to bombard the UN peace-keeping forces at the village of Qana where hundreds of Lebanese civilians had sought shelter from indiscriminate Israeli bombing of Lebanese villages and hamlets in southern Lebanon.

The bombardment, in which heavy artillery shells were used, killed at least 101 children and women and injured and maimed many others.

TV screens around the world, probably except for the Zionist-controlled American media, featured gruesome, phantasmagoric images of decapitated children and other innocent civilians cut to pieces.

UN officials in south Lebanon then solemnly testified that the wanton bombardment was carried out knowingly and deliberately, given the fact that the site was clearly and conspicuously marked.

Moreover, a more comprehensive report issued later at the UN headquarters in New York made it very clear that "the bombing was a deliberate act."

As usual, Israel and her guardian-ally, the United States, rejected the report, insisting that the pornographic atrocity was "collateral damage" and carried out "by mistake."

Interestingly, until this day, neither the Israeli government nor "Mr. Peace" (Shimon Peres) has apologized for the Qana massacre.

Far from apologizing, the Israeli army actually carried out another massacre at Kfar Qana last year during its genocidal campaign against Lebanon, which also saw the dropping of 3-4 million cluster bomblets throughout the country. (Nearly every day a Lebanese child or farmer, or shepherd is killed or maimed by the unexploded ordinance).

In the past few years, Peres has acted as an eloquent but utterly mendacious defender and apologist for Israel's Nazi-like behaviors against the Palestinians.

In his frequent TV appearances, Peres would defend every Israeli crime in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and Southern Lebanon.

Peres, who shared a Nobel Prize for peace with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat in 1995, thanks to the moral degeneration eroding our world, has defended the land-grabbing "Separation Wall" built on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank.

He has defended the Israeli policy of extra-judicial execution of Palestinian activists as well as the ugly practice of exterminating the entire families of Palestinian politicians and resistance activists, such as the Abu Queik and Khail al Hayya families (see "The Jews committed a holocaust against my family",

Of course, unlike other Zionist spinners and professional liars, Peres would always seek to ameliorate his defense of the devil with nice sound-bites and human-sounding feelings of sorrow and regret. Unfortunately, the vacuous and disingenuous trick would work, especially with gullible and/or ignorant news anchormen and interviewers who would rarely go beyond the chummy chats, fearing inviting Zionist displeasure.

Indeed, after every atrocity of Palestinian and Lebanese children, Peres would claim that "Peace will be around the corner only if and when Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate Jews."

Such verbal quibbling is a continuation of Golda Meir's infamous claim that "Jews may forgive the Arabs for killing our children, but we will not forgive them for making us kill their children."

Well, all criminals and mass murderers would try to cover up their crimes.

The Nazis could, and probably did, say something along these lines to justify their genocidal acts.

It means nothing because the important thing is not what the criminals, whether Jews in the West Bank or Germans at Ghetto Warsaw in 1944, say, but what they do.

Help to fundIn short, Peres, who is about to become Israel's President, succeeding the disgraced Moshe Katsav, is nothing short of an evil war criminal and child-killer. The fact that he is received with respect, and probably some admiration around the world, doesn't alter this fact.


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