From David Irving

Update on German political prisoner Germar Rudolf

IN a letter of June 13 the German scientist Germar Rudolf, formerly of the Max-Planck Institute, now imprisoned for publishing politically unacceptable opinions, has revealed that the decision to send him to the minimum security prison in Ulm has been rescinded, allegedly on account of his past record of flight and because his wife is an American citizen.

He will shortly to be transferred to Mannheim Jail. His circumstances are in consequence worse than those of the aged "Red Army Faction" terrorists who will shortly complete their prison sentences.

Rudolf applied to be allowed to study but this application has been rejected for political reasons.

His jail address in Mannheim, to which all mail and currency-gifts, preferably Euros, should be sent, is:

Germar Rudolf
Herzogenriedstr. 111

We believe that letters can be sent in English to him in Mannheim Jail.