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Emory University, Atlanta, Friday, April 1, 2005


Letters To the Editor

The real story

IN the March 25th edition of the Wheel ("Prof declines Book TV over Holocaust denier"), you reported on my refusal to appear on C-SPAN's prestigious book show, Book TV, because the station wanted to juxtapose my presentation with that of Holocaust denier, David Irving.

I have long refused to debate deniers because their entire premise -- that there was no Holocaust -- is based on lies, fabrications and distortions. Three different courts in London found David Irving to be a liar and a falsifier of truth.

I was surprised, therefore, that your reporter chose to accept Irving's statement that my claims about his being a Holocaust denier are part of my "obsession" with him and that he is "bored by the Holocaust."

One should note that it is Irving who went into court on March 4th -- for the fourth time -- to try to sue me. Just who is obsessed with whom? And regarding his being "bored" by the Holocaust, about two weeks ago Irving appeared in Atlanta and gave a talk devoted almost entirely to the Holocaust.

He is giving the same talk, according to his Web site, throughout the United States. It certainly is a strange thing for him to be doing, if he is indeed bored by the topic. It seems to me that maybe, he is once again, as the court found he has repeatedly done before, fabricating the truth.

Deborah E. Lipstadt, Ph.D.

Dorot Professor of Modern
Jewish and Holocaust Studies
Director, Rabbi Donald Tam
Institute of Jewish Studies.

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