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Posted Friday, August 6, 2004

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Auckland, New Zealand, Friday, August 6, 2004
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damaged cemetaryNinety headstones were damaged and a Jewish chapel was destroyed at Makara Cemetery. Picture / Fotopress


Jewish chapel burned down, 90 headstones damaged

A CHAPEL has been burned down and dozens of headstones knocked over in an early morning attack on the Jewish section of Makara Cemetery, on the western outskirts of Wellington. [...]

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David Irving comments:

ANY PUBLIC COMMENT from me at this stage would be superfluous, and perhaps seen as unhelpful.
   In private, for my worldwide circle of supporters however, I can state that my first reaction is one of compassion: these people have suffered so horrendously in History already, and now this.
   My second reaction is a more sober reflection: as readers of this website will know, 80 percent, yes eighty percent, of all such world-wide outrages investigated and solved by the authorities over the last few years have turned out to be perpetrated by disordered members of the Jewish community themselves.
 Which brings me to me third reaction. If that is so, the traditional enemy of free speech must be taking their problems in New Zealand very seriously if they feel the need to fire off both barrels of their shotgun like this. That is two cemetaries in as many weeks.
   Like myself, most members of the non-Jewish community would not have the first idea where to find such cemeteries, or what to scrawl on them. Time will tell, and I am confident that the N Z authorities will find, and even expose, the perpetrators of this nasty crime.
   A prophesy: It will not be long before they fire off the third barrel, and this time, the people scrawl not only Sieg Heil, but IRVING WAS RIGHT.
   Yes, that should do the trick nicely.

Aug 3, 2004 Jerusalem Post: Israel Govt applauds Irving ban


The attack happened just hours after the jailing of suspected Israeli spies Eli Cara and Uriel Kelman for passport fraud.

At the time, New Zealand Jewish Council chairman David Zwartz linked the desecration to their sentencing [....]



Rest deleted

WE regret to say that the online staff of the New Zealand Herald have required us on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 to remove the remainder of this article from the website. It may be that they themselves had come under pressure. We consider their attitude to be at variance with the spirit of the Internet, but have little choice in the matter.


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