Posted Thursday, October 23, 2003

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A rep for the network said that the decision [to fire Gregg Easterbrook] was made in-house, and not on Eisner's instructions.. The Mandy-Rice Davis Quote of the Week

New York Daily News

New York, Wednesday, October 23, 2003


Given the Bum's Rush

Harvey WeinsteinNEW Republic scribe Gregg Easterbrook has joined Rush Limbaugh in an exclusive, if not sought-after, club. He became the second head to roll at ESPN after making racially insensitive comments.

Easterbrook was accused of anti-Semitism over remarks he made in a review of Quentin Tarantino's latest Miramax film, "Kill Bill."

In his blog on the New Republic Web site, Easterbrook said that "Jewish executives" like Miramax's Harvey Weinstein (right) and Disney CEO Michael Eisner (below) "worship money above all else."

Disney owns both Miramax and ESPN, for whose Web site Easterbrook wrote a football column, "Tuesday Morning Quarterback."

Michael EisnerIn a statement about the firing yesterday, ESPN called Easterbrook's remarks "highly offensive and intolerable."

A rep for the network said that the decision was made in-house, and not on Eisner's instructions.



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