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JTA logoJewish Telegraph Agency, Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Jew nabbed in missile sting

A U.S. Jew was among three men nabbed in a missile sting linked to terrorist arms dealings.

Yehuda Abraham is one of three men arrested after one tried to sell a surface-to-air missile to FBI informants posing as terrorists who wanted to shoot down a commercial airplane. Abraham is expected to face charges that he illegally transmitted money to finance the scheme. Abraham is a jeweler from Manhattan, according to several news reports.

See David Irving: A Radical's Diary

David Irving says: Why was this fact removed from later TV news bulletins? And, did you read this in your local newspaper - if not, why not? CNN identified the British-Indian, and in later bulletins suggested the two gem-dealers were of Afghan origin! A correspondent tells me: CNN or Fox gave a shot of a man, identified as a friend of the gem dealer, saying, "I can't believe it, I am shocked; He is a big supporter of Israel and very prominent in his synagogue." Yes, it will be interesting to see how they talk their way out of this one. As another correspondent, inspired by my Radical's Diary writes this evening. Check the ABC TV news item, he says: "Interesting how eager they are to identify the ethnicity and nationality of the suspect arrested in New Jersey -- but not the two 47th Street 'gem merchants'."