Posted Friday, January 5, 2001

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John Sack exacts his Revenge

Esquire Magazine Publishes Breakthrough Report on Revisionism

by Michael A. Hoffman II

The February 2001 issue of the nationally circulated Esquire magazine has a breakthrough, nine page article on World War Two revisionism by the veteran Jewish journalist, John Sack.

John SackSack, 70, (right) is himself a victim of Jewish censorship and repression over his book, "An Eye for an Eye," an account of post-war mass murder of helpless Germans.

In Esquire, Sack reports on revisionism, the Institute for Historical Review and the Jewish reaction to revisionism.

Sack concentrates on revisionists Robert Countess, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and the revisionist who believes in the gas chambers, Charles Provan. Sack's report emphasizes less the forensic and technical side of the revisionists (which, alas, he persists in calling by the Orwellian term, denier), and more in the analysis of the psychology and epistemology of revisionism and its opposition.

Revisionists will recognize Robert Faurisson, Jurgen Graf, Germar Rudolf and Frederick Toben in Sack's report, even though, for some unaccountable reason, Sack chooses not to mention them by name, even as he describes their predicaments.

The Esquire piece is accompanied by photos of Robert Countess, Ernst Zundel, Ingrid Rimland, David Irving and Charles Provan and his family.

Sack now shares with Kim Murphy of the Los Angeles Times the distinction of actually behaving like an honest journalist, rather than a partisan hysteric, when it comes to reporting on WWII gas chamber skeptics for the major media.

This Esquire article is destined to be a classic. Be sure to get your copy at the newsstand and alert your friends and relatives. Here are excerpts from John Sack's "Inside the Bunker":

The Holocaust deniers say--and they're right-- that one Auschwitz commandant confessed after he was tortured and that the other (Holocaust) reports are full of bias, rumors, exaggerations and other preposterous matters...

Despite their take on the Holocaust, they (revisionists) were affable, open-minded, intelligent, intellectual. Their eyes weren't fires of unapproachable certitude and their lips weren't lemon twists of astringent hate. Nazis and neo-Nazis they didn't seem to be. Nor did they seem anti-Semites...

Sixteen ...(revisionist) speakers spoke...and I'd counted six who'd run afoul of the law because of their disbelief in the Holocaust and the death apparatus in Auschwitz. To profess this in anyone's earshot is illegal not just in Germany but in Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Israel, where denying the Holocaust can get you five years, while denying God can get you just one. One speaker, David Irving, had been fined $18,000 for saying aloud in Germany that one of the cyanide chambers at Auschwitz is a replica built by the Poles after the war. A replica it truly is, but truth in these matters is no defense in Germany. Another speaker, a Frenchman, had been fined in France, and another speaker, a German, had been sentenced to fourteen months...Another speaker, an Australian, had come from seven months in a German jail for writing in Australia...that there were no cyanide chambers in Auschwitz...

Americans who don't know if one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand or one million of our own soldiers died...know exactly how many Jews died in WWII. 'Once,' said Michael Berenbaum, the former research director of the US Holocaust memorial Museum, 'the Holocaust was a side story of WWII. Now one thinks of WWII as a background story (to) the Holocaust. Among many ways Jewish leaders accomplished this was to tap out an SOS, an all-points alarm, whenever in any dark corner they spotted a knavish denier. They may have adopted this from Jakob Bohme, a German mystic of Shakespeare's time. Bohme once said, 'Nothing becomes manifest without opposition'...Lest the Holocaust become unmanifest... Jewish leaders constantly point to the opposition, the bogeyman, the bugaboo, the otherwise ineffectual squad of Holocaust deniers. But there's a double edge to Bohme's sword: By opposing, opposing, opposing them in print, on the radio, and on TV, Jewish leaders make the deniers manifest too. The deniers survive because they are being persecuted.

I wanted to say something therapeutic (at the revisionist conference), to say something about hate. At the (revisionist) hotel, I'd seen none of it, certainly less than I'd seen when Jews were speaking of Germans. No one had ever said anything remotely like Elie Wiesel, 'Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set aside a zone of hate--healthy, virile hate--for what persists in the Germans,' and no one had said anything like Edgar Bronfman, the president of the World Jewish Congress. A shocked professor told Bronfman once, 'You're teaching a whole generation to hate thousands of Germans,' and Bronfman replied, 'No, I'm teaching a whole generation to hate MILLIONS of Germans.

Quotations © Esquire magazine, February 2001

God Bless John Sack and Esquire, for advancing genuine human rights and true understanding. If you agree, contact Esquire and convey your encouragement and elation to them.

At the dawn of a new century and a new millennium, our opportunities are unlimited! The times they are a changin'!

Michael A. Hoffman II

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