Posted Friday, June 30, 2000

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October 27, 2000


Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard is lucky the court didn't see fit to impose the death penalty.

In the 1960s, I served in a position similar to Pollard. I held the highest possible security clearance and to this day am still forbidden from revealing certain details of my work.

I know the kind of information he was privy to and the temptation to tell someone. I also know that disclosure could get people killed. The consequences, up to and including life imprisonment or the death penalty, were made clear to me every day, as I am sure they were to Pollard.

What I am unable to fathom is why American Jews support a man who betrayed his country. To this day, neither Pollard nor his supporters acknowledge the severity of his betrayal. Until then, he will stay, deservedly so, in federal detention.

Jay B. Smith



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