Posted Monday, September 4, 2000

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A Website correspondent writes:

What about the plight of Mordechai Vanunu?

Mordechai Vanunu is an Israeli Jew (a convert to Christianity) who was a scientist working in Israel's secret (and "illegal") nuclear bomb factory ten and more years ago.

Israel always denied being involved in the manufacture of nuclear devices, an activity which compromises the "Middle East Peace Process".

It was because Saddam Hussein's regime was thought to be making just such weapons that World Zionism mobilised America and "the world community" via the U.N. to make war on Iraq and impose trade sanctions which so far have murdered 300,000 Iraqi CHILDREN as a result of lack of food and medical equipment shortages.

Vanunu realised that the Israeli state was up to something wicked and might even precipitate a global nuclear war. So on a holiday to Britain he gave details of Israel's nuclear bomb-making activities to 'The Sunday Times', who published it. At no point did he either ask for or receive any monetary payment for this information.

A Mossad kidnap team was sent to London by the Israeli government to capture him for this "treason". An attractive woman was a part of this team. She lured him on a "honey trap" (promises of sexual favours) out of Britain to Italy.

Once in Italy he was kidnapped, drugged and smuggled out of the country in a shipping box and back to Israel where he was given a huge SOLITARY CONFINEMENT jail sentence.

All international appeals for humanitarian treatment of this brave peace campaigner have been ignored by Israel. Vanunu has been given particularly harsh solitary confinement treatment (which some say is driving him mad) as a means of blackmailing those who suppport him to put pressure on the American Government to free Pollard.

It is said that an additional reason for the particularly cruel and inhuman treatment inflicted on Vanunu is the fact that he abandoned Judaism for Christianity.[...]

Pollard was PAID to inflict his treason against America by the Israeli Government's Mossad spy agency. He is STILL being paid a huge salary by Israel (more accurately: by the U.S. taxpayer) whilst he is in jail. In addition to getting cash for treason from Israel, Pollard also sold America's secrets to Communist China (with whom Israel enjoys a close working relationship in the matter of sharing information about nuclear bombs and missiles).

The Jewish community in the USA sided with the various Jewish Communist traitors of the 1940s and 1950s who supplied Communist Russia with America's nuclear bomb secrets. The justification advanced by the Jew-Communist spies and their Jewish community apologists was that if only America had the bomb, then another World War would be more likely than if Russia also had the bomb and was able to "balance the nuclear threat"! In other words, the Jews said that they were "Spying for Peace"!

Yet when exactly the same argument (but with much more justification) is advanced by Vanunu, the Jewish establishment in Israel and in the Diaspora scream that he is a lousy traitor.

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