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Posted Wednesday, November 3, 2004

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London, Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Dear Mr Burrows,

I am writing to remind you that I am awaiting a reply to my hand-delivered letter dated October 14, three weeks ago, in which I asked for the form that my application for a special permit to visit your country should take. Your prime minister the Hon. Helen Clark has indicated that I must apply for such a permit, in line with the Act. She is also quoted in the media, e.g. the Johannesburg Star, as already stating that she has no intention of allowing such a permit to be granted. This indicates bad faith from the very start.

My inquiry seems to be simple enough: you must be inundated with such applications for special permits; it seems to be an everyday event in the life of your office. But you have neither acknowledged my letter nor responded to it.

You have also had much time to consider, eleven years in fact. On checking old records, now that I am back in the United Kingdom, I note that you in person informed me on August 9, 1993 (i.e., eleven years ago) out of the blue, that as I had been "deported" from Canada the year before, I was not admissible to New Zealand without special permission. Since I had no such travel plans, this slipped my memory; notwithstanding this, I find that you wrote me again on October 28, 1993. On February 4, 1994 I accordingly made formal application for such a special visa, to spend seven days in New Zealand from November 1, 1994. Your office did not even reply.

Are you intending not to reply on this occasion also? If I have not heard within seven business days of this letter with the information requested, I shall assume that the only data your office requires are: purpose of visit; dates of visit; undertakings that I shall at all times abide by the prevailing laws of your country, and that I do not intend to seek paid employment, and that I shall not become a burden on HM's purse in your country; and, finally, confirmation that I have no infectious diseases or criminal record.

Mr Burrows, you will be aware that on this occasion your country's press and broadcast media are following the progress of this saga with the keenest interest and engagement, as the steps taken by your regime so far, and particularly Ms Clark's publicised remarks, appear to violate the letter and the spirit of your country's Bill of Rights. Please therefore respond, as a courtesy, within the seven days.

Yours faithfully,

David Irving

New Zealand Immigration Service
-- B M Burrows --
3rd Floor, New Zealand House,
80 Haymarket,
London SW1 4TE

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