International Campaign for Real History

Notes and comments by David Irving on the Red Pepper article June, 2000.

The exchange is not as the journalist recalls it. From page 33 of the transcript of Day 18, February 10, 2000:


Mr Irving. You attach great importance to the objective use of sources, is that right?

Prof. Richard Evans. I do, yes.

Q. Yes.

A. I think the sources, as it were, have a right of veto on what one can and what one cannot say. But within the area that is covered by the sources that you use, there is, of course, scope for some disagreement.

Q. You have done a certain amount of research into the Nazi period, have you not?

A. Yes.

Q. This was not originally your speciality, was it? Originally, you came from a different era of history?

A. Yes, I have researched on eras of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Q. For some reason the Nazi era is a profitable era of research if one writes books? I do not mean this in any sense as a criticism.

A. Well, I have to say the only book that I have done that is based on archival research on the Nazi period, a book called "Rituals of Retribution" on the issue of capital punishment in Germany since the 17th century, has sold very badly. It is far too long and I am told that Penguin regard it as something of an albatross.

Q. It contains acres of sludge, does it?

A. I would not describe it as sludge myself, no.