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Notes and comments by David Irving on the Red Pepper article June, 2000.


1. As documents in possession of Mr Irving proved, the "scholar" Richard Evans was paid $200,000 by the Defendants in this action to give the witness testimony that he did. He also continued to draw his full academic salary, and a few days after the trial ended Evans accepted a paid position on a Holocaust Loot commission. He is also a paid book reviewer for The Jewish Chronicle.

2. See excerpt.

3. Mr Irving has never challenged Evans to a debate, nor has any other person on his behalf. Evans betrayed his ignorance in the witness stand, where he admitted that he had never consulted the CSDIC interrogation reports (in the Public Record Office, London, now for ten years) or the Bletchley Park decoding files. His knowledge of German is lower than schoolboy-standard. Among childish howlers: He translated the German slang phrase "daran glauben müssen" as will have to believe in it (it means "will get killed"). This expert on the Third Reich did not even recognise the name Otto Abetz as Hitler's ambassador to France throughout the Second World War, when asked by Mr Irving.

4. This is a childish distortion. As Prof. Robert Van Pelt concedes, both in his Report and on the witness stand, there are no holes in the roof of Krema II corresponding to the holes through which "eye witnesses" claim to have seen SS officers tipping Zyklon crystals to kill 500,000 Jews. The roof is still there. There are no such holes.

5. See our items on Prof. R Novick's book.

6. This is rubbish. None of Mr Irving's recent books has been typeset in the USA. Göring (1987) was typeset in the USA (William Morrow Inc.) and the UK (Macmillan Ltd). Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich was typeset in the UK, but used US spellings and usages at the request of St. Martins Press, New York, who bought a licence to offset the book in the USA (and then violated the contract when they came under blackmail pressure by the ADL and Lipstadt).

7. In the belief that it would benefit the court to hear from a first hand eye-witness of events at Hitler's headquarters, rather than the sludge and waffle of "scholars" like Lipstadt and Evans, Mr Irving wrote to Otto Günsche, Hitler's SS adjutant, the only surviving member of his personal staff on Feb. 24, 1999 and invited him to testify. After some months Günsche replied declining, explaining that he has always refused to appear on TV and radio programmes as well. (He allowed Mr. Irving to tape an interview with him for many hours in 1967, describing among other events the last days of Hitler's life.)