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The Daily Express

London, May 10, 2000

The William Hickey column writes:-


DESPITE being labelled a liar and a racist, David Irving has no shame about showing his face. The portly charlatan caused a stir when he wafted in like a bad smell to a soiree held by society networker Carole Stone in London on Monday night. Guests including Liberal big wig Des Wilson and chef Anton Mosimann were among those who raised an eyebrow. Carole says: "Yes, David Irving was there, no, I don't know him, and yes, some people were taken aback. My friend, Lady Michele Renouf, asked if she could bring him. It is an open salon and sometimes friends will turn up with a friend unexpectedly" Perhaps Lady Michele will invite one of those who defaced the Cenotaph to Carole's next do.  





MR IRVING is happy to share with his supporters his private response to this gutter-journalist, which was sent marked "Not for Publication":

Have you found one single person, who was at that or any of the many other functions to which I have been invited since Judge Gray's perverse judgment, who shares your cowardly views? I recall when Beaverbrook's newspaper boasted a sharp-sworded Crusader as its logo. Now the only prick to leave the safety of its scabbard at the Express seems to be you.


Question: Among other untruths peddled by this journalist, let's see if he actually managed to find the word "lie, lies, liar, perjury", or any combination of such words in Mr Justice Gray's devastating judgment. Suggestion: Word-check the judgment's text and then...

May 10, 2000

Website fact: The stamina of the defence team in the Lipstadt libel action was aided by a six million dollar slushfund provided by Steven Spielberg, Edgar J Bronfman, and the American Jewish Committee, which enabled them to pay 21 lawyers and "experts". A million pound lollipop was figuratively brandished from the defence lawyers' table throughout the trial, and all those who behaved got a lick at it; their experts like the "scholars" Prof. Evans, Prof. Longerich and others were paid up to £125,000 each (on top of the academic salaries they continued to draw) to testify as they did. Nobody was paying for Mr Irving. His witnesses testified without payment, from conviction. [Help!]

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