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David Irving

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Letter to the Editor
The Times

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

The Times
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Tuesday, November 17, 1998


Bombing Iraq

I know little about Iraq, but a lot about the British press; and I do not believe what I read about the one in the other. We have been bombing innocent Iraqis, on and off, ever since the First World War on one pretext or another -- basically because they are weak, and we are strong; we can reach them, and they can't reach us. Those are the traditional justifications of the bully.

Does the jibbering mafia of Downing-street really believe that sending in the R.A.F. will enhance their own standing in history? Have they not seen the photos of air raid victims? Do Arab lives count somehow for less? If we now start killing innocent civilians again we shall be repeating the crimes for which, unfortunately, our air forces have already made themselves famous this century.

Yours faithfully

David Irving

Visit the fine dossier on Iraqi suffering posted by Marco de Innocentis

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