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The New York Times]

Letter to the Editor
Sydney Morning Herald

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To: The Sydney Morning Herald. Attn.: Readers Letters 235-243 Jones Street fax to 612 9282 1640 Broadway, Sydney , New South Wales 2001, Australia For publication:



London, March 23, 1996


HERE WE GO round the Mulberry Bush again. My biography of the Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels, Mastermind of the Third Reich is not even out yet -- but as you report (SMH , Mar.22) the New York trade magazine Publishers Weekly is to publish next week an anonymous review denigrating it as "repellent" (closing words: "The real insidiousness of the biography is that its formidable documentation will gain it acceptance as history").

Immediately Reuter and AP -- as though there is little greater world news worthy of pushing -- circulate this to every corner of the globe, adding that the PW review will say that the book is receiving "blistering reviews." There have been no reviews yet, and the PW review says no such thing. (I am reminded of how "Crawfie," the Queen's former nanny, many years ago published in Woman's Own a vivid eye-witness description of one Trooping of the Colour which was however cancelled at the last minute.)

Who is behind this latest orchestrated smear? Either the same people who have been agitating to keep me out of Australia and who told the media four weeks ago that I "might have" supplied the detonators used to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City; or somebody who has been eating too much British cow-meat recently.

Yours faithfully,
David Irving

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