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David Irving

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Letter to the Editor

The National Post

Toronto, Canada

Key West, Wednesday, June 2, 1999

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Key West, Florida, Wednesday, June 2, 1999


Warren Kinsella (National Post, June 1: "Far right's opposition to war is no surprise") does not like the Internet.

After his pals, the traditional enemies of Free Speech, tricked the Canadian immigration authorities into deporting me in 1992, he is now sore because I have a major Website [] on which Canadians can still hear me speak out against crimes like Nato's "humanitarian mission" in the Balkans.

It must be galling for them -- how the World Wide Web suddenly sprang up, as mysteriously as a web in the morning dew, before they could choke off that channel of free speech too. So he smears us as "Far Right" extremists and as "Holocaust deniers", a libel for which another author [the American Professor Deborah Lipstadt] will have to answer in a three-month defamation action before the British High Court next January.

My own experience is that around the world ordinary people of every colour and belief are horrified by what is being done in our name in the Balkans: it should not be degraded into a Holocaust or Left-Right issue.

Yours faithfully

David Irving

David Irving is author of The Destruction of Dresden and thirty other war history books published by major publishers in the US and Europe. He was deported from Canada in November 1992 after a campaign by the Canadian Jewish Congress.

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